Instructional Videos ($97.50/Season)

By registering for a membership to CPGS tv  you will receive a user name and password to access an ever growing library of On and Off Ice drills for goaltenders of all ages and abilities. As a current USHL goalie Coach and former 10 year pro Steve has developped an extensive library of drills and excercises for goalies to work on.  Also goalies will have access to submit questions to a Canadian Professional Goalie School staff member and have the answers filmed in response, giving goalies access to a professional goalie coach year round.

Game Video Analysis

All you have to do is send us a DVD by mail or over the internet, of you or your child in a game situation. We will analyse the video clip on Dartfish. Using this technology we can then determine a right or wrong move and what could have been done to improve the execution. We can include commentary to point out exactly where improvement is needed so that you or your child can watch and listen to this over and over again.

Using Dartfish Video Analysis, you or your child can watch the DVD over and over again so that you/they can perfect each skill.

Game Review has three options to suit your needs:

Game Video Breakdown

  • Breakdown of video into clips with no analysis

Game Video Simple Analysis

  • 5 clips taken from the video feed and broken down into a mediabook and burned to a CD for your review.

Game Video Advanced Analysis

  • 10 clips taken from video and broken down into a mediabook with audio and drawing tools for goaltenders to review. This is idea for goaltenders to develop a plan for improvement during practises.

Full Game Video Analysis

  • CPGS staff will take an entire game video and breakdown each of the goalie’s touches and assess decisions with the puck and save selections. Then a member of the CPGS will  write a report on each play.

Available on DVD !